Combo Plans FAQs

Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions for Combo Plans.

What are Combo Plans?

Combo Plans are a combination of Domain names, Single Domain Hosting, Website Builder and Business Email orders packaged together to offer huge discounts.

Can I transfer a domain and use it in a Combo Plan?

No. You cannot transfer a domain name and use it in a Combo Plan. It can be purchased only with a new Domain Registration order.

Can I choose any other product other than what is included in the Combo Plan?

No. You cannot choose any other product or TLD other than what is already available within the Combo Plans

How do I renew Combo Plan orders?

You can renew the orders included in the Combo Plan independently. Renewals will be billed at regular prices for each individual order in a Combo Plan.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee for Combo Plans?

No. Currently we are not offering a Money Back Guarantee for orders in Combo Plans.

Can I upgrade orders in a Combo Plan?

You cannot switch from one Combo Plan to another, however, orders included in a Combo Plan can be upgraded individually. The upgrade or downgrade will not include a pro-rata credit.

Can I create my own custom Combo Plan?

No. You cannot create a custom Combo Plan