Places a Themes, Plugins, Logos Order.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
customer-id Integer Required The Customer under whom the Order should be added.
plan-id Integer Required The plan under which the Order should be added. To fetch the plan details i.e. plan-id etc., use this method.
additional-param-json String Required The licence parameters for the required item. To fetch the details i.e. id etc., use this method.

This should be a valid JSON, containing keys as the item id and license information. {"id":"5728fe86-4608-4d36-8193-68cd0a141f38","title":"single-domain"}

invoice-option String Required This parameter will decide how the Customer Invoices will be handled. Values can be: NoInvoice, PayInvoice, KeepInvoice, OnlyAdd
discount-amount Float Optional Discount amount for the order value.

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request{"id":"57fc0ac0-d508-4ece-b096-041e0a14153b","title":"single-domain"}


Returns a map with the execution details of the Order addition.