Modifying the Contact Us page on your SuperSite 2

SuperSite 2 displays a Contact Us page that displays your Company information as well as Sales, Billing and Technical Support Contact details to your Customers.

To customize the Textual Content on the Contact Us page for SuperSite 2

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 Admin Area. See details

  2. Under the My Languages section, click the Manage Site button besides the Language SuperSite 2, where you wish to make changes to the menu.

  3. Under the Edit/Translate Website Content section, click the Edit Content button.

  4. Click the Browse link adjacent to the Support directory and then click the Edit link for the Contact.html file.

  5. Here, you can modify the basic text content available in one or more textboxes and click the Save Changes button beneath after completing the modification.

  • You will have to repeat the above process if you have configured multiple languages for your SuperSite 2.

  • If you are not satisfied with the modifications and wish to revert to the earlier setting, from the Edit view, click the Reset to Default button. Alternatively, if you wish to revert the text modification of a few select textboxes, copy the text from the left hand side to its adjacent textbox and click the Save Changes button.

  • Apart from modifying the text of the Contact Us page, you may also modify the presentation of the displayed text. For example, you may want to display this information in a different Font Face or you may want to modify the Size of the Font or display your text in a Table, etc.. See details

To modify the Contact Information on the Contact Us page for SuperSite 2

The Sales, Billing and Technical Contact details as well as the Address details displayed on the Contact Us page are fetched from different sections of your Reseller Control Panel as mentioned below. You need to make modification to the appropriate section(s), as required.

  • Sales, Billing and Technical Contact details: This information is fetched from the Contact Information section. See details

  • Address details: This information is fetched from the Payment Page HTML For Customers field in the General Settings section under Finance and Billing. See details